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Artist: Luis Enrique Camejo

Luís Enrique Camejo

The world renowned Cuban artist, Luís Enrique Camejo, will be exhibiting his works in London from October...
Artist: Adislén Reyes Pinos

Adislén Reyes Pinos

Adislén Reyes, born in 1984, is one of several Cuban artists who will be exhibiting their works in London from...
Anna Ravliuc

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Can Breadfruit feed the world?

Breadfruit is being labelled a new “wonder food” by nutrition experts, who believe it can potentially help nations...


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Jael Auguste

Jael Armand Auguste

“From classical to voodoo music” Jael Armand Auguste is a classically trained double-bass player, whose musical...
chano dominguez

Chano Dominguez

"When flamenco meets traditional jazz" Chano Dominguez is one of the most sought after pianists on the Spanish music...
Dennis Paul Williams

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beauty skin

Eat your way to beautiful skin

Great skin isn’t just about the right cosmetic treatments. Skin is created inside the body, and a healthy diet can...

Steps to Salon Perfect Hair

You look and feel great when you leave the salon with your hair beautifully coiffed, but what happens the next morning...

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Witch Craft 1

Witchcraft: a brief history

Ancient rites and rituals that are practised worldwide in more ways than one. Forms of witchcraft have been used by...

Seychelles’ Lime Kiln

Fascinating heritage of Praslin Island explored after century-old lime kiln unearthed The importance of lime kilns in...
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Breadfruit Recipe

Breadfruit Recipes

Thai Sakay Chuem (Breadfruit in Syrup) Castor sugar is the main ingredient of Sakay Chuem. The methods of making Sakay...

Kreol Magazine Cook Off

Interview with the winner, Angela Gradney Dickolous. The Kreol Magazine Cook Off was keenly contested this year, but...

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Panorama of Luanda

Explore! – Angola

Angola remains remote and little visited by foreign tourists, but infrastructure such as transport is gradually...


Thierry Henry New York Red Bulls

Thierry Henry

Many consider Thierry Henry, of Martinique ancestry, to be the greatest football striker who has played in the English...