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Nia Long

Nia Long: The Long Journey

Actress Nia Long has said she will “always be an island girl”. Quick to kick off her shoes, she feels more at home...

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Managing Curly Hair

Curly hair can be the bane of a woman's existence. But it doesn't have to be! Managing your curly hair can be done,...
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A Short History of Zombies

In 1932, Bela Lugosi played a Voodoo priest in 'White Zombie', and the undead became a part of film history and a...
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5 Vegetarian Holiday Recipes

The holidays can be a difficult time for a vegetarian.  Everywhere you turn, there's a turkey, ham, or sausage!  With...
Creole Christmas Cake

Creole Christmas Cake

This recipe originated from Trinidad & Tobago but has been slighly modified. It involves quite a lot of alcohol and...

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